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Weekly Service Agreement

Overview: This is a month to month agreement. Cancellation must be notified 30 days prior to cancelling service by email, phone or mail.

Chemicals: The monthly rate only covers chlorine, muriatic acid, sodium bicarb & soda ash. All other chemicals such as algaecides, phosphate remover, sequestering agents, clarifier, etc are not included and will be charged based upon use.

Water Level: Customer is responsible for maintaining the proper water level in the pool. We are not responsible for adding or draining pool water. We assume no liability for equipment damage due to improper water level. 

Pool Cover: Customer is responsible for ensuring pool cover is removed on service days. If cover is not removed on service day, a fee may be charged to return & service the pool.

Pets: Customer is responsible for keeping pets restrained & contained on service days. We will do our best to keep gates closed at all times.

Access: Customer is responsible for giving ready access to the pool & equipment on service days. This includes adequate space to bring our equipment to and from your backyard. Failure to provide may result in a fee to return & service the pool.

Inclement Weather: If inclement weather occurs a Bronze Service will be done that day to all pools, regardless of service level. No refund or deduction will be given for such visit.

Spring Fee: There is a one time $25 fee charged to all customers in April to pay for chemicals washed out by the winter season. This includes cyanuric acid, calcium, salt, and tablets.

Billing: Invoices are sent out on the 1st of every month by email and are due by the 15th. If not paid in full by the end of the month, a $25 late fee will be assessed and service may be suspended or terminated. There is a $25 returned check fee that the customer is to cover.

Holidays/Days Off: Due to the nature of the business, we work on many recognized holidays in the spring/summer. A limited service will be provided on those days. We are closed every year the entire week of Thanksgiving & the entire week of Christmas. No pools will be serviced on those days. 

Service Package:
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